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Monday, June 05, 2006


The Heat have clearly proved themselves and shocked a lot of people, including myself, in that game 4 blowout. Now it seems like a battle of home-court advantage, but the question is, can Dallas steal game 5 on Sunday? And, if they don't win, will they be able to finish the series at home despite the nervousness of being down 3-2? Dirk better get his act together, because he can't win putting up less than 20 points

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Suggestions For Site

Criticize all you want. I just want to hear some voices : Bad posts, new layout, minimal posts, pictures...anything

The Brooklyn Nets Deal

Whats up with the BK Nets Franchise? I've heard that it should be closed by 08-09, leaving a stadium ready for 2010...



Any other topics floating around the NBA or otherwise. I saw Ron Artest handing out demos at a club in NYC...I hesitantly grabbed a cd, and then backed away slowly, hoping not to get a fist in the face lol.

The NY Knicks

The Knicks are my favorite team (sadly) even though I'd rather watch other clubs play. I know that there's no place like the Garden (except the Staples Center), so what can the Knicks Franchise do to get back on the right track!? I'm praying for improvement by 08-09 season at least.

The Upcoming Draft

What's the news on picks. I know the selections are only weeks away, so who do you guys think will go in the top 10?

Team Status and News

What's goin on with other teams. Trades, players, injuries, everything.

King James

Is LeBron the next Jordan? I know my answer, and it's YES: the only reason that I can see LeBron NOT being as dominant as everybody expects in upcoming years, is simple:PRESSURE. We have to remember, despite how much he's matured over years, LeBron is still just a kid, and with all this much comparison going on with him, let's just hope he doesn;t crumble to the press.

Kobe! Bryant

All the controversy about the man with wings. Is he better a star, or a team player. I never believed in taming the wild animal (81 points in a game----Lakers lost) but the stats show that the team is more victorious when he feeds his B-rated line-up the ball.

Shaq O'Neal

What's up with the big guy? How badly will he fight for yet another NBA title? And, how long is he going to play? Im hoping he retires sooner rather than later, as opposed to just watching him become lesser and lesser of a dominant force as many others have.